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With larger animals you might use a wider shot, but that means you will inevitably have to deal with the exhibit in the composition. Try shooting from any possible vantage points. If either are close enough (especially the giraffe) get as low as possible to take the shot. Even just a foot lower can drastically alter your perception, change the background from dirt and grass to trees and sky. Also I personally think a head-on bison portrait would be pretty amazing.

My best piece of advice is take your time. The animals aren’t going anywhere, it’s okay to dart around a single exhibit for an hour trying different angles and just waiting for the perfect moment. Patience is key. study the animals, how they move, where they walk. They typically have preferred paths they walk along, so if you miss a shot, more than likely you will have another chance, along with the possibility of capturing something even better.  

Just discovered facebook’s “other” tab for private messages. 36 missed photoshoots and a chance to photograph for an orangutan conservation group out of sumatra. 

I am so livid and upset…that is my dream. And I missed it because I was too fucking dumb.